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Friday, May 13, 2005

Chihuahuas and Cold Weather

Chihuahuas are most definately prone to the cold, but lots of people who live in cold regions around the world are still chihuahua owners!! Furthermore, there are lots of ways of keeping your chihuahua warm.

Both short-haired and long-haired chis are vulnerable to the cold. They are tiny creatures and have a small body mass and so their body temperatures can drop very quickly in cold weather.

"Fortunately, there is a multitude of toy dog breed clothing on the market these days, such as sweaters and coats..."

There is a wide range of sweaters, coats and 'designer fashion' available today to keep your chi warm. Some small dog clothing is even designed to be worn inside the residential area, and to even make a fashion statement!!

When indoors always ensure a heater is switched on during cold weather. Even if the residential area is well-heated, ensuring your chi has a ...

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